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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Medical IMPACT offices located?
The Medical IMPACT office is located in the State of Mexico. The address is Av. Damian
Carmona s / n, Lomas Hipódromo, CP 53900, State of Mexico, Mexico

Are there more Medical IMPACT offices around the world?
No, at the moment we only have one main office.

What curricular requirements do I need?
For medical students: be a student of the 3rd year of medical school minimum, have
experience in humanitarian work, and write a letter of intent
For health professionals: send a copy of the professional and title certificate and write a letter
of intent.

Is there another way to support the organization without having to travel?
Of course. MEDICAL IMPACT, is always looking for people willing to help support their social
causes in different ways. If you want to support the MEDICAL IMPACT project and join its
cause, we tell you how!

What communities do you support mainly and do you have follow-up?
We try to attend bimonthly to follow-up brigades to the communities of Jojutla, Morelos, one of
the most affected communities after the 19S earthquake and the community of San Andres,

Is it safe to go to the communities?
Yes, our brigades are carried out with the support of the authorities of the communities

If I'm not a doctor, how can I support?
If you are interested in going as a volunteer to the brigades and your profession is Psychology,
Nutrition, Dentistry, Rehabilitation we have a place for you with our team of consultants.
If your profession is from another branch but you are interested in attending, we have a place
for you in the humanitarian activities with the community and mainly with children.

Is there a minimum age to participate as a volunteer?
Yes, for security we request that our volunteers be of legal age when medical brigades are
carried out.

Is there any fee to participate?
Yes, the recovery fee varies depending on the location of the brigade.

What does the fee include?
Includes t-shirt and round trip transportation costs. This is why the fee varies, since it depends
on the distance and the type of transport that is rented.

Do they issue proof of participation?
Yes, after your participation a certificate of your humanitarian work in the brigades is issued.


Email: contact@medical-impact.com or 24 Hour Contact Line (Spanish, English, German) : (+52) 15581351709 

Av. Damián Carmona s/n, Lomas Hipodromo, 53900, Naucalpan de Juárez, México