Your donation will arrive at the most needed with transparency and ethics. If you wish to follow your donation send a WhatsApp Message to the Medical IMPACT line during or after an intervention and obtain evidence of it being used for the benefit of mankind. 

Medical IMPACT uses 96% of donations directly on the implementation of prevention campaigns, operations, and medical care.

Medical IMPACT utiliza el 96% de los donativos directamente en la implementación de intervenciones médicas, preventivas y operativas.

Medical IMPACT (IMPACT OUTREACH A. C.) cannot provide Tax-deductible receipts as it is currently under tramit. 

In-Kind Donations

Write to us if you want to donate in-kind.


Donations through Bank Deposit or Transfer

Please write to for more information.

PAYPAL Donations

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For Businesses

For Businesses

Branding with CAUSe

Place your brand in a social way and contribute to society through multisectoral collaboration.

fINANCIng with cause

Finance a Medical IMPACT program and get involved with a transparent Medical NGO.

Corporate Volunteering

Be part of an intervention alongside your personnel and get involved in our cause.

send an email and get involved

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