More about us?


Medical IMPACT is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with no political or religious affiliation, headquartered in Mexico, which appears as a counterbalance to reduce the gap in access to health for populations in situations of vulnerability, isolation or difficult to access in Mexico and the rest of the world.

Medical IMPACT is integrated by doctors, health professionals, graphic designers, accountants, administrators, marketers and other professionals, who share a concern to improve the situation of those whom every day face the consequences of inequity in access to health services. The organization aims to empower the ideas and actions of people in the field of health sciences, who act as agents of change in the fight for universal health coverage. In order to reach this goal, the organization has developed a series of strategies and action plans based on social participation and volunteering.


Our mission is to impact marginalized forgotten and/or vulnerable populations, through humanitarian service-oriented towards well-being and integral health.


Being an international example through the innovation of health care in conditions of extreme marginalization on the measures we previously implemented. 

In front of the Mexican Senate

Medical IMPACT stimulates public health policies oriented towards vaccination outreach, Tuberculosis, Drug-Resistant Microorganisms, and cooperation alongside NGOs with a multi-sectorial approach